Eleven things about me


  I have size 9.5 shoes

  I am from Milan, Italy and no, I don’t like to cook

  I moved to the US in 1991, which is when I decided to move in with my then-boyfriend-now-husband Dan. Our first apartment was in New Jersey, where Dan was enrolled in a PhD program at Rutgers (Italian Literature) and I was studying graphic design at a local community college

  I have three children: Luca who is almost eighteen and has a pretty dramatic form of autism, an unusual form of Down syndrome, and has an eclectic taste in music; Sofia who is almost fifteen and is more beautiful than Liz Taylor, is a genius with computers, sings like Adele and constantly gets C in math, and Emma, who is almost eight, who can fill a silo with her personality, very similar to her nonno Beppe. She was born despite the fact I was on the pill, so, given the miracle, I believe she has some holy lineage. When she grows up she wants to be a hair stylist in Paris

  I don’t eat eggs because they stink, but I would sell with no remorse all three of my kids in exchange for a maron glacé

  I have a degree in Sociology from Brooklyn College, where I lived with my family for about ten years

  I worked very hard to create a campaign for the return of Silvia Baraldini, an Italian political prisoner incarcerated in the US for many years, and that is how I became her friend. I often went to visit her in the Danbury Federal prison, at times with baby Luca, and then when I was pregant with Sofia and then with both kids, until she was successfully transferred back to Rome. It was an amazing experience for me

  My first book, Mio Padre È Stato Anche Beppe Viola, was published by Feltrinelli in June of 2013, and my second book, in which I tell the story of my journey with Luca, will come out early next year, edited by Rizzoli. I have a weekly column at smemoranda, a well known Italian humor website targeted to teenagers, and one at Indaco, an editing agency. I have a somewhat successful blog in Italian, pensieri e parole. I sometimes translate Italian documentaries into English

  Boston is the city in which I have lived since 2007. I like it a lot, but I still miss the chaotic beauty of Brooklyn, and all my friends who still live there

  I convinced Dan to marry me one night, when I locked him ouside a beautiful porch in the magnificient island of Barbados. It took him a couple of hours, but he eventually agreed. He still agrees with me all the time, and I am not sure if it’s for love or fear. He works at Tripadvisor. He is extrordinarly handsome

  We have two dogs, because I am impulsive and before thinking I make a lot of stupid decisions that I regret soon after

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